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Emory Scholarship Review Essay

The global pandemic has significantly impacted my career and life, both in the short and long terms. Professionally, to accommodate necessary innovation in client delivery and the care of people, recent accomplishments include:

  • Organized full migration to virtual secure systems for Department of Defense comptroller, including field financial commands (resulting in no delays to client service delivery)

  • Lead coordination with Defense Media Activity to articulate safety protocol to soldiers and civilian employees (resulting in successful delivery of urgent information on security of financial systems during partial shutdown)

  • Assigned part-time to Housing and Urban Development account to assist with rapid deployment of emergency services for houseless and at-risk citizens (currently serving as process design expert for distribution of stimulus funding)

  • Selected to advise the North America Response Taskforce, to make recommendations to support EY people (results include leadership’s decision to add 12 personal days for all employees)

  • Co-leading effort with EY Unity (LGBT resource group) to assist candidates in recruiting pipeline who are affected by the pandemic with increased internship stipends


In my community and personal life, I have responded by contributing my time and talent in ways that include:

  • Supporting immediate family members who are displaced and out of work

  • Assisting efforts by Dignity DC (LGBT Catholic organization) to support LGBT persons struggling financially or emotionally (and who cannot access archdiocesan services due to discrimination

  • Transitioning my role as a gallery guide to a “digital docent” by supporting content creation for the Smithsonian art museums, including “virtual tours” that promote imagination and exploration in a digital environment 


Emory remains my first-choice school, for many reasons. However, I am also considering an offer from Columbia Business School (with at least $60k funding) and am awaiting additional funding and admissions decisions.

For more information, please contact me at any time.

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